Jump Start Your Life.

£245 / 30 day program

You’re feeling lost…

You’re waiting for someone to give you the answer. You’re going round and round in circles, chasing your tail, and getting nowhere fast.

But behind the depression, overwhelm or sadness, there’s a fire burning. A passion that’s waiting to be unleashed. Energy that’s searching for direction. You just don’t quite know how to explain it, where to start or what to do.

You’re worn out, overwhelmed and underwhelmed at the same time and have no idea how to resolve the mess you’re in. You just know you need to do SOMETHING.

The Illusive Hour.

Then it comes to you one day, completely unexpectedly…..You have an hour to yourself!! OMG!!! What shall I do first?!!! Wash my bedding, make a brew, where’s that issue of Grazia I never read, a workout?, bake that new recipe I saw on Insta, book a family holiday, start my own business, solve world hunger, have a bath??? Oh now I have to pick up the kids.

It’s just the worst feeling to be so overwhelmed with things you would like to do / need to do / should do that you simply don’t know where to start when you actually get the opportunity. 

This is called BURNOUT.   It happens when you’re too overloaded and you become completely unproductive and feel frustrated and unfulfilled.

The Jump Start Program

Is ideal for women who feel like they want to feel more fulfilled with their life, but don’t quite know how, why, what or when to do something about it.

The jump start program is exactly that. A jump start for your life.

Together over 30 days we will: –

  • Declutter your head
  • Stop hitting the snooze button on your life
  • Get some clarity on your life
  • Work out what you REALLY want
  • Stop doing things to make others happy all the time (when it makes you miserable)
  • Put yourself to the top of your list again
  • Make positive daily changes that lift your mood
  • Get more energy and drive
  • Start being true to who you really are

Ready to change your life?

Includes: –

  • 2 hour blast off session
  • Action Plan
  • Weekly accountability sessions
  • RESULTS!!!

Email me today info@be-life-coaching.com or call 07787 821124 and take the first step on your path to turn your life around once and for all, and start living with passion!!!